Thursday 18 July 2013

Designs - lobbies themselves

Just a quick post today!
So far we've shown you the designs for the main lobby overview page, but now it's time to give you a glimpse of the inner lobby page. As with the last post, these are wire-frames currently. We have the full colour and detailed designs ready, but you don't get to see them...yet!
Figure 1 - The Highlander lobby page, as seen by players
As with the lobby overview, we are aiming to give as much information as possible here, while keeping the interface clean, clear and simple to understand. We want to make it simple for players to log on, join a lobby, select their class and play.
Figure 2 - The 6v6 lobby page, as seen by players
The 6s lobby page is very similar to the Highlander page. We've decided to split out two soldier roles - pocket and roamer - here since it removes confusion once the lobby has started.

One thing that you may note with both screens is the large amount of spectators - there is no limit to the number of spectators in a single lobby. No idle spectators holding up a lobby slot now, so if you're slow then you don't get the class slot, sorry!

The chat window stays available until after the lobby finishes, and so you can continue to ask questions or state issues ("I can't connect guys!") there for the players to see.

The final point of note is the lack of a ready button. The readying-up method used in TF2 Center is different to the method you may have seen on other lobby sites. More on that to come though...

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