Meet the Team


I've been in the TF2Center team from the start and over the last year, I was introduced to the competitive side of this lovely game. For me, TF2Center started as a side-project to experiment with the latest Java web technologies centred around one of my interests. After a while, things started to get together and we started to extend our team. Today, I'm responsible for maintaining our servers, implementing the back-end features and handling connections to external services, eg. SRCDS, Mumble and Steam API.


Hello, I'm Marty. I've also been in the TF2Center team from day 1, I've been playing TF2 since early 2011, and it has been my hobby ever since. In just around 2 years I've hit close to 3000 hours on the game, and I've been playing competitive TF2 since mid-late 2012. I don't have any programming/designing skills whatsoever, but I know how lobbies work and try to act as the link between the developers and the TF2 competitive community, so I basically give hints and tells the developers what we need on the site. I also came up with the idea, which obviously makes me kredit 2 team.

Mother Tereza

I'm Mother Tereza. You may have seen me in lobbies exclusively playing medic, which suits my personaltiy well. I like to help people, and most of all I like to help people digest and interact with complex data and information. I'm a professional designer and UI/UX-specialist, and that's why I'm here - I'm responsible for the user interface, design and HTML code of TF2Center (and some of the sadistic features too). If you like the design, sweets and cookies are happily accepted as a reward. If not, at least you know where to aim the rotten tomatoes!


Hi, I'm Foxy! I've been playing TF2 since 2007 (oh, the fond memories of ZeroBullshit!)
and have been involved in the competitive aspect since May 2011. I currently play for SookieDoinWork as Engineer, and will be experiencing the wary heights of ETF2L premier division next season (#5) in highlander. I have a strong interest in most things technical and have dabbled in hosting TF2 servers for some of the teams I've played in. I'm very much the newbie to the TF2Center team having joined at the start of July, and have been given the task of sorting out the front-end stuff (which includes this blog). Hopefully you'll be hearing from me a lot over the coming weeks/months as we post regular updates with progress!

Special thanks

We also wish to thank all those wonderful people who helped us create TF2Center:


His work decorates the site header. 9 classes, 9 various characters, 9 unique poses and tons of the sketches thrown into trash can. If you need something done in SFM, now you know whom to ask. Good job, Zoot.


  1. You guys are great! Looking forward to have a nice "lobby" alternative

  2. I hope this "picks up" (If you pardon the pun) And people realize this as a lobby alternative!

  3. Mother Tereza, you're doing impressive work with the UI. After using the site for 10 minutes, I'm already in love. I really appreciate the work you guys are doing with this site. Keep it up!

  4. You guys should start accepting donations. I know many people, including myself, who would happily pay to get better servers, because when there's 400+ people on the site it sometimes lags alot. We really think that this is site is what the tf2 community needs, so keep up the good work guys.


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