Saturday 21 December 2013

Ma-hoo-sive updates

Thanks to everyone playing, testing and reporting bugs over the last few weeks, we're confident we've found and fixed the biggest issues. We've been up and stable for a few weeks now, and have seen an average of 1500+ unique players every day for the last 2 weeks. 4000 lobbies created since this beta went live, and almost all of them are now successfully launching (failures are caused by server crashes or out of date SRCDS installations, which are out of our control currently).

So what's new? We have (or will, very soon) put up a changelog and will be updating it as and when we deploy fixes and features, but the highlights:

  • Added manual sub reporting alongside our auto-reporting. Check out !tf2center on in-game chat
  • Added ability to ready up before a lobby fills - this pre-ready-up status only lasts for a few minutes, so we're still making sure you're around when the lobby launches. If it expires, you can pre-ready-up again and again
  • If you are reported automatically but rejoin your slot, the sub request is removed
  • Split out EU/NA players online on display, and fix Friends Online counter
  • UI improvements all round the place
  • Mumble from now is accessible before lobby launch

As ever, your feedback and bug reports really help us find the issues and fix them. We can't play in every lobby, so let us know if you see problems and we can look at fixing them :) We'd rather have 10 reports for the same issue than none!

Also a quick but important note on whitelists:

When setting up a server we can't transfer whitelists, all we can do is reference a whitelist on your server already. We currently specify the ETF2L whitelist for EU lobbies, and UGC whitelist for NA lobbies. If you are hosting lobbies, please ensure you have the relevant whitelists on your server!


  1. yeaaaa! this is going to be huuuge site <3

  2. Awesome stuff, can't wait until I get back to my hometown so that I can try this and the new stuff that came with the last tf2 update :D

  3. ok so i keep clicking on a class, and when the lobby starts, i the page sends me to the front, and it turns out my spot was given away to another person. I'm not being kicked or anything. The site just refuses to accept me. latest version of chrome.


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