Sunday 4 August 2013

Designs - now with added colour!

So far, we've shown wireframe designs for some of the pages. But that's not all we have, and it's time to put some colour and styling onto those designs! As previously stated, these are the hard work of Mother Tereza, our resident UI designer, so send the kudos towards them if you like them!

There's not a huge amount to say about these at the moment, so I'll largely let the pictures speak for themselves!

Figure 1 - the main lobby page

Figure 2 - lobby page, Highlander

Figure 3 - 6v6 lobby slots 
One thing to point out on figure 3 above, is the slot limitations. We've discussed and investigated this, and almost every 6v6 lobby uses the standard team setup of 2 scouts, 2 soldiers (roamer and pocket), medic, and demo. As such, we've made the page clearer by removing the additional slots.

Figure 4 - Lobby Launched
The server details panel on here contains information for both the game server and the mumble server. While you'll be automatically connected to the game server on launch, the option to join mumble is a manual step (since there may be a legitimate reason you don't want to use it). However, if you do (and we're hoping you do!) then launching mumble and connecting is just a single click away.

Figure 5 - Create Lobby modal
We hope you like then plans! The biggest delay at the moment for getting the site completed is making all of these awesome designs a reality. We're getting there though!


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