Monday 26 August 2013

Beta outcomes

So there may have been some confusion over the beta - the beta test held yesterday was a "closed" beta - we invited a handful of people to come try out the site and try and break it. It wasn't available to everyone, we'd mentioned this in previous posts but not in the one announcing the beta date, so sorry for any confusion caused! The beta itself was successful in a way. People broke things we thought would break, and they broke things that we didn't think would break. The good news is that most of the underlying functionality exists and worked - we created and launched a match with people there. There are issues we've spotted and issues that were reported, and we'd like to publicly thank the people that gave up some of their time to help us test - its pretty invaluable for us. We're unfortunately no closer to knowing a launch date - some of the things we need to work on are performance-related, and some are functional-related. One or two need some time spent on them before we're happy, and there's a lot of small fixes that we need to do to. We'll keep you posted here with updates as we get them!

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