Saturday 23 November 2013

Beta 3 - It's almost like we planned this

Our third beta test (now with Even More Fixes) is up! To coincide with this, other lobby sites seem to *not* be up, so if you usually use another Team Fortress 2 Lobby site, why not give us a try this weekend!?

Some of the key things fixed over the last week:

  • Massive fixes to substitutes - hopefully no more erroneous reporting of players
  • Non-standard characters now supported
  • SourceTV is ignored when checking for players on a server
  • More fixes for lobbies failing to launch
  • Server setup handled at creation of lobby, so launching it when full should be much quicker
  • Logs cleaned up - less unexpected-but-recoverable errors, and cleaner logs so we can tell more easily what's happening
  • Various UI fixes
There are some known issues - we're working on them but they're tricky to nail down and fix. We know of problems with the following things:
  • Page is slow to auto-refresh
  • TFTrue map delay on server can cause problems. Fix for this will go out over the weekend.
Please leave feedback in the usual ways. Apologies if I haven't replied to you directly - I promise we've read all the feedback so far, but sometimes I hold off on replies until things are fixed. If you have any questions about feedback you've raised, feel free to contact me directly (, or add me on steam). 

Hope you find TF2Center even better this weekend! Let us know!


  1. I've been having a problem where I can't log in at all when I do log in it takes me to this page: and all it says is "home" on the page

    1. Hey, have found the cause for this. Fix is ready, will be deployed next time the site is updated :)

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