Saturday 16 November 2013

Open Beta - Tonight onwards

Hi All!

We'll be opening up TF2Center to another open beta from tonight onwards (in about 30 minutes from writing this, so ~21:00 CET). Please come have a play! --- note the beta2 URL, for the new server -- this will be active in 30 minutes

We know there's a small issue with lobby spectators not updating and we're working on it now :) However, most if not all of the major bugs from last weekend are fixed, and as ever anything you find can be reported via email or the feedback tab. There will be members of the team around for most of the evening at least should any issues come up. Hopefully you won't need us :)

Please also check out the new FAQ page (work in progress!) for some of the common queries!

For those curious, here is some of the things fixed this week.


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