Tuesday 10 September 2013

Progress update

Hi all! It's progress update time (wooooooo)!

So wee've been stomping bugs left, right and center after the beta test, and while we still have a bit of a way to go, we've got the biggest ones out of the way. For those at the beta or anyone that's heard about it, this will make sense. For others, its just words on a page but hey, who doesn't love words?!

  • Added chat throttling
    • One thing we noticed was over-enthusiastic users could impact performance by sending walls of text over and over. We've added some throttling to stop the overly keen users from sending too much at a time (either accidentally or maliciously)
  • Added a ban system
  • Added IP location lookups when creating a server, to auto-select the region when creating lobbies and make it even easier to create lobbies
  • Added integration with the UGC API. For now this gives us ability to discover if a player has a UGC profile, and link to it if so
  • Increased performance by serving static content in a more cache-friendly way
In addition to these, we've added 2 new members to the team. We have Jayserp from the UK to help out with the server side of things and keep an eye on performance and infrastructure, and we have tstm from down under in Australia to help out with the design implementation. They've already been dipping their feet into the project, and you'll hopefully be able to see some of the cool stuff they're doing soon.


  1. gosh i really wanna get involved in this.

  2. Wow, this is awesome. keep up the good work

  3. Good job, maybe add a link for etf2l profile too?

  4. I would prefer etf2l, as ugc is mostly looked upon as a joke.

  5. Do you have any fixed date right now ?

    1. We have internal date but don't want to reveal it until. I know tf2lobby is down these days and many of you suffers, but we only have to say that progress goes on. Stay tuned.

  6. I hope this will get released as soon as possible.. I miss highlander matches. :(


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